BOOM!! Kellyanne Conway SETS THE RECORD STRAIGHT. She BLASTS Chris Wallace and throws his “Gotcha” question right back in his face.


Thank goodness President Trump has Kellyanne Conway. Thank goodness “we” have Kellyanne Conway. I was hoping she was going to be the White House Press Secretary, but she turned that job down. We really need her doing exactly what she is doing, going out on the liberal-leaning news shows, and setting the record straight. Plus, Sean Spicer is kicking a** as Press Secretary. (SEE VIDEO BELOW)

We know the truth about what President Trump is doing, regarding the short term, temporary immigration ban from seven countries, but many don’t, because they believe the lies, and fake news coming from what we used to call the mainstream media. Now, I call them the CLM which stands for Crooked Liberal Media. (SEE VIDEO BELOW)

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Chris Wallace:  President Trump is barring people from seven countries, the ones you can see in the map, but not included on the list of Saudi Arabia, and Egypt, and Afghanistan, and Pakistan, and Saudi Arabia. Where most of the 911 hijackers came from, why are they not on the list?
Kellyanne Conway: This list of seven countries was offered by President Obama, and his administration. Well hold on. In 2015 Chris, congress passed the terrorists prevention act and what it essentially does, it identifies the seven countries, an expanded list from four, and it’s identifying them as a threat. These are countries that have a history of training, harboring, exporting terrorists. And, one thing that’s very important to recognize: That whether you’re the Orlando shooter, yes he was born here, but went abroad and was radicalized on the internet. If you’re San Bernardino,  if you are the Tsarnaev brothers in Boston, these are people who traveled abroad, were radicalized, were trained and then came back, and did their bloodshedding and massacres here on American soil. It’s no different really than what happened all across Europe, and so we can’t just keep on looking the other way and pretending that there aren’t people out there there.
Kellyanne Conway:  Congress and President Obama’s administration came up with this list of seven. They came up with this list of seven we’re following on that in week one. This president will certainly keep identifying threats and risks, and look for people that can’t have both ways with President Trump. They can’t say in the one hand, well, he’s not taking these seriously when he is. He has the presidential daily briefing. He is privy to information that the rest of the part, particularly the media, the political media, our national security intelligence.

*** Here’s the truth in a nutshell folks!  Chris Wallace thought he could “get ” Kellyanne by stating that Saudi Arabia belongs on the list as well. Kellyanne pointed out that: 1) Obama came up with the list and 2)  Trump has only been president for one week and plans to add to the list.  

*** The REAL reason Saudi Arabia isn’t on there is because, we are still dependent on them for oil because, Obama handicapped our country from producing more oil and clean coal, and becoming energy independent. Bottom line folks: Obama screwed us over and Trump is moving at breakneck speed to clean up his mess!  🙂