TRUMP takes first trip Aboard Air Force One: MEDIA EXPLODES in OUTRAGE! You won’t believe why….OMG, Can it be real?


The liberal media is so dishonest they are starting to remind me of the story of The Boy Who Cried Wolf.  If they ever report the truth or cover what is really important to Americans, I probably won’t believe them. This “story” surrounding the President’s first official flight on Air Force One is a perfect example. Holy Cow!  You simply can’t make this stuff up, folks.

Wednesday morning President Trump arrived at Andrews Air Force Base via helicopter and then boarded Air Force One to fly to Philadelphia for the GOP summit.  He salutes his military escort and boards the plane.  But, wait, he forgets to do something “really” important.  We’ll let Mark Dice take over from here.  Watch this….

Yes, that’s right, he didn’t wave “bye bye” to the CNN cameras and they are highly offended by that.   How could he be so selfish  LMAO!!   Here are some facts: